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Law Enforcement 3 & 4

Pathway: Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Grade: 12
Credit: 2

Law Enforcement 3 & 4 students will learn advanced skills, knowledge, and techniques that were learned in the Law Enforcement 1 & 2 course. In this course, students will learn more in depth knowledge of traffic investigation, including traffic accident reconstruction. Students will undergo advanced Investigation training and Interrogation training, including which will also include Crisis Intervention Training (CIT).

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in courtroom testimony. If you were enrolled in the Law Enforcement 1 & 2 course, and want to become experts on your skills, techniques, and knowledge, then this course is for you. Law Enforcement experts will teach and train students within this course.

  • Possible academic credit
  • Partner with Westminster and Thornton PD
  • Red Rocks Community College Credit possible
  • CIT Certification possible
  • Reid Interrogation Certification possible

Course fee: $40.00

Prerequisite - Law Enforcement 1 & 2


  • Detective             
  • Court Reporter           
  •  District Attorney             
  • District Attorney             
  • Investigator           
  • Bailiff             
  • Paralegal

Supply List for Course

  • Notebook or Legal Pad for notes

  • Small notepad

  • Writing utensils

  • Computer to be brought on a daily basis

  • Tan BDU Pants (Army Surplus, 5-11, Galls Uniform Store, Amazon)

  • Black or Tan Boots

  • Underbelt for Duty Belt

  • Assigned Uniform Shirt (1) Short-Sleeve is Mandatory to Purchase

Instructor: Jason Schlenker