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Emergency Medical Technician 1 & 2

Pathway: Health Science, Criminal Justice, & Public Safety Pathway
Grade: 12
Credit: 2

  • 1 Science-Pathophysiology
  • 1 Fine Practical Arts/Elective

The Medical Sciences II EMT program is designed for the mature, responsible student wishing to investigate health-related careers. Students interested in registering for this program should have a serious interest and long-term goal of employment in the medical field. A strong commitment to the program is necessary to be successful in this class. This program emphasizes character building, strength, honesty, integrity, excellence, leadership, dedication, and service. Course topics include medical terminology, pathophysiology, career exploration, safety practices, ethics, and human relations. All are delivered through classroom, laboratory, and simulated clinical situations.

The Medical Sciences II EMT program will provide the foundation for professional opportunities in the medical field, e.g. nursing, athletic trainer, physician, dental, medical records, pharmacy, and emergency medical services. Medical Sciences II EMT provides students with general workplace skills and specific health industry knowledge that can assist them in attaining employment in a variety of entry-level positions within the health care setting, or continue their education at the post-secondary level. This course is exciting, yet not for everyone. It is centered for those students who choose to excel in the field of medically assisting others in the emergency setting.

Some class instruction will include rather graphic exercises which include animal organs and their accompanying fluids.Students are encouraged to participate in HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), and in fundraising activities for conferences and competitions.


1. Successful completion of Medical Sciences I, CP/AP Anatomy & Physiology, or other CP or AP science courses in the 11th grade year
2. Excellent attendance

Student Requirements:

  • Class uniform (Navy blue cotton slacks or EMS/tactical pants, class issued EMT shirt, black shoes or boots, and dark belt) is required in class and off-site locations
  • Students are required to complete 50 hours of service learning work in a health care or other approved setting in the community. Students should begin accruing these hours in the SUMMER prior to the start of school.

Course fee: $50.00

Students in this program will learn the following skills:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the EMT
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the medical legal aspects
  • Determine and record vital signs of a sick or injured person
  • Use medical identification devices
  • Conduct a primary assessment of problems that are a threat to life if not corrected immediately
  • Demonstrate Healthcare Professional BLS (Basic Life Support) procedures
  • Recognize and control bleeding
  • Recognize and control shock
  • Identify and use mechanical aids to breathing
  • Provide a secondary assessment of the patient
  • Identify musculoskeletal injuries and treat them accordingly and effectively
  • Identify the potential for a spinal injury
  • Provide emergency evacuation and transfer of a sick and/or injured patient
  • Identify and care for patients who need specialized care
  • Provide triage to victims of mass casualty incidents
  • Recognize life-threatening situations
  • Recognize entrapment situations
  • Assist with emergency child birth
  • Identify critical incident stressors and techniques to effectively deal with them
  • Communicate patient information to appropriate authorities
  • Effectively communicate, both verbally and non-verbally, with patients of all ages


  • EMT   

  • Firefighter   

  • ER Physician   

  • Psychologist   

  • Registered Nurse   

  • Paramedic


Class uniform (Navy blue cotton slacks or EMS/tactical pants, class issued EMT shirt, black shoes or boots, and dark belt) is required in class and off-site locations

Instructor: Tom Lombardo