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Crime Scene Investigations 1 & 2

Pathway: Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security 
Grades: 11 & 12
Credit: 2 

  • 1 Forensic Science
  • 1 Practical Arts/Elective

Why did they do it?  Students will study crime and look at the possible explanations of crime from a biological, psychological, and sociological perspective.  Students will also review the consequences of crime, and investigate how the criminal justice system handles criminal and their minds.  Students will also learn about physical evidence in the areas of pathology, toxicology, anthropology, firearms and tool marks, and criminalistics. The course will also cover arson homicides and what evidence to look for.

This course will also concentrate on forensics, crime scene, investigative techniques, and law enforcement. Students will also learn about documents and impressions evidence, fingerprint processing, comparisons/analysis of fingerprints, collection of trace evidence, blood spatter recognition, note taking and analysis, and shooting reconstruction.  We will also explore how constitutional and procedural law assists the criminal investigation process.  The course features the basic procedures in crime scene management to include photography, reports, sketches, processing evidence, and related criminal procedures. It also covers interviewing suspects, witnesses and victims. 

Course fee: $40.00.

Notes: Program will work in partnership with Thornton and Westminster PD


  • Crime Scene Analyst                
  • Forensic Technician                  
  • Crime Scene Investigator
  • Private Investigator                   
  • Evidence Technician                             

CSI Students need the following:

  • (1) Notebook
  • Black boots
  • Black BDU's  (Army Surplus, Amazon)
  • Assigned uniform shirt

Instructor: Kathryn Robinson or Heather Hatfield-Schlenker