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Crime Scene Investigation 3 & 4

Pathway: Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Pathway
Grade: 12
Credit: 2

  • 1 Science
  • 1 Practical Arts/Elective

In this class, students will be provided hands-on experience on what real Crime Scene Investigators do at crime scenes. This course will not only cover what a Crime Scene Investigator does when they are out in the field working various crime scenes, but it will also cover laboratory processing with chemical enhancements and alternate light sources. Students will further their knowledge of the investigative team and their roles/responsibilities. Students will increase their hands-on knowledge of the digital SLR cameras, learn new techniques, to include aerial photography, and improve on techniques that they learned in Crime Scene Investigation 1 & 2. Students will be able to have a more indepth experience of accident photography and investigation. Each student will have the opportunity to process items for the development of latent prints using new processing techniques from Crime Scene Investigation 1 & 2. Students will continue to use presumptive tests for various different items, to include new presumptive techniques, learn how to sketch crime scenes using both hands-on techniques, as well as use the Faro 3D Scanner.

Not only will students make, recognize and analyze different bloodstain patterns, and will be able to determine the area of convergence and origin and perform more detailed shooting trajectory reconstruction and crime scene reconstruction. Students will also have the opportunity to use the UV/IR Forensic camera bundle to photograph evidence, along with the RUVIS, which is a Reflective Ultraviolet Imaging System. Along with this class having a very hands-on, learn by doing process, we have also collaborated with various law enforcement agencies and coroner offices throughout the Denver Metro area. This will allow the students to network with other professionals in this field and obtain various perspectives on a variety of case studies and personal experiences from forensic & law enforcement professionals. Through this program, students will have the potential of obtaining volunteer and shadowing opportunities through local agencies and obtain knowledge, skills and abilities that they can use moving forward in their career pathways.

Prerequisite: CSI 1 & 2

Course fee: $40.00

Notes:  Program will work in partnership with Thornton and Westminster PD


  • Crime Scene Investigator       
  • Forensic Science Technician       
  • Forensic ID Technician       
  • Criminalist Latent Print Examiner       
  • Forensic Autopsy Technician       
  • Crime Laboratory Analyst       
  • Crime Scene Reconstructionist
  • Evidence Technician     
  •  DNA Analyst       
  • Firearms Examiner     
  • Forensic Entomologist       
  • Forensic Pathologist       
  • Bloodstain Pattern Analyst       
  • Forensic Toxicologist       
  • Coroner       
  • Colorado Bureau of Investigation- Forensic Investigator       
  • FBI- Evidence Response Team

CSI Students need the following:

  • 2” 3-ring Binder

  • Clear plastic page protectors

  • Divider tabs

  • Notebook or some sort of paper for note taking

  • Binder for Resume, Certificates, KSA’s & Application readiness materials

  • Charged Laptop to be brought on a daily basis

  • Graph Paper

  • Black BDU Pants (Army Surplus, 5-11, Galls Uniform Store, Amazon)

  • Black Boots (Does not have to be steel-toed)

  • Assigned Uniform Shirt (1) Short-Sleeve is Mandatory to Purchase

Instructor: Heather Hatfield-Schlenker