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Advanced Principles of Construction, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing 1 & 2

Pathway: Architecture & Construction  
Grades: 11, 12   
Credit: 2
1 Math - Math in Construction
1 Fine Practical Arts/Elective

Throughout the course, students will interpret construction drawings to complete projects and implement material estimating procedures and safe working practices. Standards in this course also expand on principles of the construction industry and project management strategies. Students will continue to learn practical applications of electrical theory and techniques used by licensed electricians, including exploration of OSHA’s electrical safety-related work practices. Students will learn approaches to commercial building wiring in compliance with current National Electrical Code and local codes. Math concepts related to construction will be integrated throughout the course.

Students will acquire knowledge and skills in use of tools, codes, installation of commercial HVAC equipment, heat pumps, troubleshooting techniques, various duct systems, and maintenance practices. Students will acquire knowledge and skills in plumbing codes, advanced plumbing mathematics, commercial drawings, basic electricity, hanger installation, supports and structural penetrations, roof drains, fixture installation, valves and faucets, and oxy-fuel safety. Students will also learn about setup, cutting, brazing, and welding water system sizing; gas, drain, waste and vent installation and testing; and water heater installation.

Counseling notes:

1.       Prerequisite: Successful completion of Principles of Construction, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing course.
2.       No math prerequisite for this course.
3.       Students that complete this course are eligible to test for OSHA 10 and HBI certification. These certifications may be used to demonstrate                  competency for new graduation guidelines.
4.       Course fee: $40.00
5.       Supplies include:
                  a. Safety toed shoes/boots
                  b. Safety glasses
                  c. Basic hard hat for field trip and on-the-job exercises.

Possible Career Opportunities For Students In The Advanced Principles Of Construction, Mechanical, Electrical, And Plumbing Pathways:

Construction Management      Carpenter      Architect      Surveyor      Home Maintenance and Repair      Interior Designer      Building Inspector  Engineering      Electrician      Plumber      HVAC Refrigerator Technician