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Industry Partner of The Month - City and County of Broomfield

Industry Partner of The Month - City and County of Broomfield

City and County of Broomfield Partnering with Washington Square Law Enforcement Program

Partner Overview

The Broomfield Police Department staff are committed to maintaining public safety by providing services that reduce crime and improve quality of life in the community. 

The seven core values that guide our employees every day are Service, Compassion, Respect, Integrity, Pride, Professionalism, and Trust.

Community policing is at the center of everything the BPD does. It not only bridges the gap between the police department and the public it serves, but it also encourages partnerships to proactively address public safety issues and concerns.

The Broomfield Police Department is committed to achieving excellence in everything it does. That includes the continued implementation of modern day policing through new technology, training, and enhanced recruitment.

Our Contact Person within Broomfield PD - Mark Goodell

Deputy Chief Mark Goodell has worked for the Broomfield Police Department for 25 years.  During that time he has worked in Patrol, Traffic, Investigations, Detention, Internal Affairs to name a few.  He is  married to his beautiful wife Cathy Goodell, who is a secretary at Washington Square.

How This Partnership Benefits Our Students

The Broomfield Police Department assists our students in several ways. Many of their officers will come in on their days off to role play for our students. The students engage in Scenario Training, where students act as police officers responding to calls for service. Broomfield Traffic Unit assists the Level 2 (Advanced) students in Traffic Accident Investigation. The Traffic Unit commits to coming to FFWS two days a week for 4-5 weeks, showing students how to measure traffic accidents including different types of skid marks, how to use a police drone, how to use a drag sled, along with many other responsibilities one does as a Traffic Officer. The Traffic Unit brings crashed cars from a towing company to FFWS to provide students with the most authentic training.

We Look Forward To:

Broomfield Detention Center and Police Department will be hosting all Law Enforcement students for a tour of their facilities in March of 2023. We look forward to additional training with the Broomfield Police Department.