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FutureForward Virtual Registration Information 2021-2022

Online Registration

FutureForward Virtual Registration Information

  • FutureForward virtual registration opens February 22nd and continues daily Monday - Friday between 7:30am and 3:00pm.  
  • Please click the link to speak live to one of the FutureForward counselors FutureForward link

When will FutureForward be virtually speaking to me about changing the FFCTE placeholder to the class I would like to take next school year? 

  • Horizon High School: February 25th, February 26th, March 1st, and March 2nd.    
  • Legacy High School: March 1st, March 2nd, March 4th, and March 5th
  • Mountain Range High School: February 22nd, February 23rd, February 25th, and February 26th. 
  • Northglenn High School: March 15th, March 16th, March 18th, and March 19th
  • Thornton High School: March 8th, March 9th, March 11th, and March 12th