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Hospitality, Human Services & Education

hospitality and human services

Hospitality, Human Services and Education programs provide students the opportunity to explore Culinary Essentials, Food Science, Catering, ProStart, Early Childhood Education, and P-TEACH. In Hospitality, Human Services and Education programs, students learn about the following topics.


  • Customer Service Skills: Developing excellent customer service skills crucial for success in the hospitality sector.
  • Event Planning and Management: Learning the basics of planning and organizing events, conferences, and banquets.
  • Hospitality Ethics: Understanding the ethical considerations and standards in the industry.

Food Production

  • Culinary Arts Basics: Learning foundational culinary skills such as knife techniques, food preparation, and cooking methods.
  • Food Safety and Sanitation: Understanding the importance of food safety and hygiene in a commercial kitchen.
  • Menu Planning: Exploring the principles of menu design, including nutrition, pricing, and presentation.
  • Kitchen Management: Introduction to the organization and management of a professional kitchen.


  • Advanced Culinary Techniques: Building on basic culinary skills to explore more advanced cooking techniques and presentation.
  • Restaurant Management: Understanding the business aspects of running a restaurant, including financial management, marketing, and customer relations.
  • ProStart Certification: ProStart curriculum is a national, industry-recognized program for high school students that combines culinary arts and restaurant management skills.


  • Introduction to Education: Understanding the basics of teaching methods and classroom management.
  • Child Development: Exploring the stages of child development and educational theories.
  • Instructional Strategies: Learning effective teaching strategies and techniques.
  • Classroom Experience: Opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in educational settings.