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Business & Marketing

business and marketing

Business and Marketing programs are designed to meet the labor market needs of Colorado’s business and industry. These programs are located at all five comprehensive high schools. In Business and Marketing programs, students learn about the following topics.

Business Fundamentals

  • Introduction to basic business concepts, including business structures, functions, and operations.
  • Understanding business ethics and the social responsibilities of businesses.


  • Principles of marketing, including market research, target audience identification, and consumer behavior.
  • Advertising and promotion strategies, both traditional and digital.
  • Basics of branding and creating a strong brand identity.


  • Developing a business plan, including market analysis and financial projections.
  • Understanding the entrepreneurial mindset and the process of starting and managing a small business.

Finance and Accounting

  • Basic financial management, budgeting, and financial analysis.
  • Introduction to accounting principles, financial statements, and bookkeeping.

Management and Leadership

  • Organizational behavior and effective team management.
  • Introduction to project management and strategic planning.

Communication Skills

  • Business communication, including written, verbal, and digital communication.
  • Professional etiquette in business settings.

Technology in Business

  • Basics of information technology and its role in business operations.
  • Introduction to business software and tools.

International Business

  • Understanding global business trends and opportunities.
  • Basics of conducting business in the international marketplace.

Sales and Customer Service

  • Sales techniques and strategies.
  • Customer service principles and practices.

Networking and Professional Development

  • Building professional networks and effective networking strategies.
  • Resume writing, interview skills, and job search strategies.

Career Exploration

  • Exposure to various career paths within the business and marketing sectors.
  • Information about educational pathways and certifications relevant to business careers.