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Adult Living & Effective Communication and Relationships

  • Alternative Cooperative Education (ACE)
  • Vantage Point High School
Adult Living & Effective Communication and Relationships

This course sequence focuses on personal/self-awareness. This class is designed to help students explore and develop the personal and academic skills that are foundational to successful transition into the working world. Teachers will facilitate students learning and implementing academic discipline skills, mindsets, and behaviors for successful academic course completion, and help them to identify methods for setting goals for personal improvement and continuous growth in an academic area, and explain the purpose of fundamental tools used to pursue a career path. Students will select critical thinking skills to make informed, ethical, and socially responsible choices and will also work on implementing essential routines for physical and mental health maintenance and personal safety, including emotion regulation, positive communication skills, decision-making, goal setting, time management, advocacy, problem solving, conflict resolution, self-awareness, personal responsibility, work ethic, stress management, and appropriate personal/social and conflict resolution skills. Students will investigate how all of these factors influence successful career habits. Students will also have the opportunity to determine personal interests, talents, goals and preferences for potential careers, and explore the connection between those interests and postsecondary workforce aspirations and options.