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ACE Career Development-Career Plan

  • Alternative Cooperative Education (ACE)
  • Northglenn High School
  • Vantage Point High School
ACE Career Development-Career Plan

As developmentally appropriate, this course (or series of courses) is designed for students to create an individual, initial career plan that outlines steps to reach their career goal. Students will identify a career goal based upon results of various assessments, i.e. interest survey, aptitude evaluation, academic skills, learning styles, work preferences, etc. Students will also investigate the training and educational requirements (academic planning & postsecondary options) for their chosen career field. Students should be able to articulate short-term action necessary to achieve the goal(s) in their career plan; including intentional academic planning, high school choices based on self-awareness, career exploration and postsecondary aspirations. Whenever possible, computer literacy skills, and leadership skills tied to a CTSO should be embedded into the curriculum.