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Service Learning

Potential Credit Earned: .5 credit per semester

Service Learning Credit can be awarded to students that complete 60 hours of unpaid approved volunteer experience within a semester.  Students need to submit the Student Volunteer Time Sheet and Work Ethics Evaluation Form completed by a supervisor from the approved volunteer company and/or organization. Hours will be verified before credit is awarded.  Students must be enrolled and in good standing in a CTE program at Future Forward the semester the Service Learning hours are completed and credit is awarded.  Students may earn a maximum of .5 Service Learning Credit per semester.  Students may not transcript more than 2.0 Service Learning credits total.

FutureForward Service Learning (Volunteer) Paperwork

Leadership Opportunities

YouthRoots is a leadership program that empowers high school students to tackle community issues. We are committed to working toward a just and equitable society.Through our program, students respond to emerging needs and build the skills to become change makers now and tomorrow. YouthRoots seeks to provide quality leadership programming for high schoolers in the North Denver area and empower them to respond to emerging community issues through philanthropy. 

YouthRoots offers 4 distinct youth grantmaking programs to teach teens how to make an impact in their community using the experiential classroom of philanthropy:

YouthBoard: A year-long program that uses our 3-step philanthropic process intertwined with a robust leadership curriculum to teach teens the skills to make an impact.

YouthCharge: Students working to tackle an issue they care about, either virtually or in person, using our 3-step philanthropic process. It is 100% youth-led and youth-directed.3.

Youth Council: A 100% customizable program to incorporate youth voice into an organization’s grant-making process.

YouthEd: Our in-school version of the YouthBoard program that provides classrooms with a platform for community impact beyond the walls of their school.