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Teacher Cadets mentor North Mor students on classes

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North Mor Elementary had an exciting day for their 4th and 5th graders. Teacher Cadets from FutureForward Bollman came with their teacher to present a lesson on what classes are offered at FutureForward as well as how students need math, reading and writing skills to be successful. The Cadets pumped up their students, introducing them to many new career choices they may begin working on in high school. The big message was that math, reading and writing are important for all of these exciting paths.

Students also met with a commercial pilot, a dental hygienist, and two librarians from AnyThink Libraries. Learning what type of education is needed to acquire these jobs was eye opening for students. The whole experience culminated in taking quizzes to find jobs students might enjoy and creating infographics about them.

Students view presentation

Special thanks to the North Mor Elementary community for submitting this Five Star Story. We appreciate seeing collaboration between schools to ELEVATE student success.

This story exemplifies our ELEVATE Focus Area: 21st Century Learners. Sharing stories of students who collaborate, think critically, problem-solve and are digitally literate to thrive in today’s ever-changing world.

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